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The ABC’s of effective basketball sports betting

Basketball sports betting is not easy. Betting itself is, but doing it effectively has a certain degree of difficulty. If your intention is simply to put some money on a game you don’t need to read any further, but if you want to maximise your investment, and above all your enjoyment if you bet on basketball, you should follow this page.

What is certain is that you will have a much better time following one of the most popular sports in the world.

Basketball betting prediction: More volatility!

In basketball the ball is different than in other sports like football, the number of players is not the same and the game is played differently as well. Why should you do the same in basketball sports betting as in other sports?

For starters, you should bear in mind that basketball is a highly volatile sport, so you should be much more cautious when betting live. Therefore, take into account the development of the game but also all the data available to you: statistics, players, streaks and all those factors to make your prediction more accurate.

Handicap in basketball betting: Why not?

The translation of this word into English is handicap, but the truth is that knowing how to use the handicap in basketball betting can be remarkably advantageous. For novices, it simply means adding a certain number of points to a team, usually the one that has the least chance of winning a game, in order to demand more from the favourite.

A concrete application would be to include handicap points for a team in your prediction. For example, in Round 20 Barça Lassa beat Montakit Fuenlabrada 106-76. A novice player would have simply bet on a Barça Lassa win, making moderate money. On the other hand, someone more experienced in basketball sports betting could also have predicted the comfortable scoreline and made a prediction with a handicap of five, ten or even fifteen points for Barça. Needless to say, the profit would have been much higher.

Indeed: overtime counts in basketball betting

In basketball betting, overtime counts, that’s all. We do not differentiate between the main and extra time phase of the game, so the results of all games will be included by default, unless specifically excluded. This can be taken as a piece of information… or not!

Remember that basketball has four quarters plus overtime, which gives you twice as many options (at least) as football. Betting on quarter winners, among other variables, can bring you extra profit in your basketball sports betting.

Take advantage of basketball betting on small markets

Many people can watch spectacular NBA games or Spanish League or Cup finals, but being a basketball expert is proven by being on top of every game. For this reason, a greater knowledge of the game translates into greater profitability in your basketball betting predictions.

Putting some money on mid-table or minor league games can bring you more profit, even if they require more knowledge. You will be more on top of the data and statistics, but you also have the option to win more, and of course to follow more games with interest. Diversify your predictions!

In this sense, making combined bets can be a very interesting tool to get some more fun and profitability out of your game. Mix two, three or four outcomes, some more likely and certain, some less likely… in short, have fun with your basketball bets! You’ll find yourself hooked on several games in a single matchday without even realising it, and you might even win a lot.

Your basketball betting strategy according to the competition

Not only the three-point line or the quarter times change in the NBA and ACB respectively. Doing the same data analysis in ACB basketball betting as you do in NBA basketball betting is probably a mistake that takes you away from the odds of winning.

Are there more chances of an upset and what are the differences between the two teams? These are questions you should ask yourself before you start betting.

But to find the differences you don’t need to cross the pond, because in different European competitions you will have to take into account different variables. In betting on the Copa del Rey basketball, for example, it is a more volatile and changeable competition than the regular league, just as in your $league basketball betting predictions you will have to gauge the level of the different teams is much more different.

The different types of basketball betting

If you’ve got this far you probably already have more theoretical knowledge about basketball betting strategies, but going over the different types of basketball bets you can place can always be a great help:

  • Match winner: No ties, bet on the winner of the match.
  • Handicap in basketball betting: This allows you to add risk and fun to games with a big spread.
  • Quarter betting: You can include many variations: who will score the most points in a given quarter, which team will win on a break.
  • Will there be extra time: If you think there will be extra time… should you bet on it?

From here, you can play with many more options, such as multiples, combis or combi plus bets. Letting your imagination run wild based on your statistical knowledge is the perfect recipe for basketball betting fun. Plus, you can practice for free new free bonus promotion – give it a try!

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