Basketball betting

Basketball betting stats: The facts you didn’t know

Basketball statistics in your betting are essential. These stats are the ones used to set the odds at the different bookmakers, so you should take them into account when making your predictions. From there, you will have to cross-reference them with specific moments of form, trends, intuition and motivation of the teams to bet, because…

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basketball handicap betting

Add excitement with the basketball handicap betting odds

In the world of sports betting, any game can be exciting. Among other strategies, the handicap in basketball betting can make you vibrate on occasions like this. The game in question ended 75-92. Can you imagine watching it with your friends? Surely, they would have lost all interest in the game, but you, having placed…

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basketball sports betting

The ABC’s of effective basketball sports betting

Basketball sports betting is not easy. Betting itself is, but doing it effectively has a certain degree of difficulty. If your intention is simply to put some money on a game you don’t need to read any further, but if you want to maximise your investment, and above all your enjoyment if you bet on…

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