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What is the best card game to try at the online casino?

Although slots and roulette now dominate the market, the card game at the casino is not to be missed. In fact, there is a lot of choice today and they continue to attract great interest among users, both in physical and online casinos.

Keep in mind that Poker, even if it is played in a real casino, is considered a completely separate industry online, so you won’t see Texas Hold’em tables in the ranking.


An interesting novelty that even sounds strange as a game is Hi-lo. It is a progressive card game in which the player has to choose 1 of the four cards on the table. The aim is to predict whether the value of the card that will be drawn by the dealer will be higher or lower than your own. It sounds easy and straightforward, but there are many little rules that make it even difficult in certain situations. With practice, however, you learn it.

The game, as you can see, is very simple but, strangely enough, very addictive. It uses a deck of 52 cards and is super fast paced with very high adrenaline levels. It is based mainly on luck and that is why it attracts players who like to challenge Lady Luck.

It is certainly not a very recent game, but there are few casinos where you can find it. Among all of them, it is worth mentioning William Hill, which also offers a live table.

Twenty One

Ventuno is the version of BlackJack and practically changes little. However, it is a famous name and there are many who prefer to sit at the Italian tables. If you look at foreign casinos, in fact, it is almost impossible to find Ventuno, while in Italian casinos you can even find a dedicated live table.

Interested in live tables? Here you can discover the ranking of the best live online casinos.

There are all the classic BJ bets and games such as doubling or splitting cards, but there are also additional betting possibilities such as Perfect Pai, 21+3 and Bet Behind. For this reason it is one of the most recommended sites for those who want to play Ventuno, but also many other live card games, of which 21 offers an incredible choice.


Although it is a historic game, it has been somewhat forgotten today, with the great alternative that exists. Nevertheless, briscola remains a game for lovers of tradition that some casinos have decided to revive in an innovative version that you can play yourself.

In classic briscola, as well as in online briscola, you play with Neapolitan cards and the aim, at the end of the game, is to have the highest score over your opponent. Although it is not at all comparable to playing it with friends, many people like it just the same and that is why it is still on offer on several sites.

Unfortunately, there is no live version, only the virtual ones. One of the best sites to play is giocodigitale. It where there is both the classic and the jackpot variant which makes the game even more exciting and surprising.

Caribbean stud poker

For those who just can’t do without poker, an interesting variant of Texas Hold’em is Caribbean Stud. Present in many online casinos, and in some you can even play at a live table, in Caribbean Stud you need to have a higher scoring hand than the dealer.

It is played with a deck of 52 cards, without the jokers, which are shuffled after each round. Again, the table is limited in number of seats and each player can only occupy one position and cannot bet on others’ positions.

One starts with an initial bet in order to sit at the table, after which the player is dealt 5 cards face-up, while he is dealt four cards face-down and one card face-up. Depending on the combination one has made, one can see by placing a bet double the initial one and see if he wins or loses. If he is not happy with his hand, he can either fold to end the game, but loses his initial bet.


Strange but true, solitaire can also be played in casinos and not only on Windows computers. This game, which could be found on every computer with Microsoft’s operating system, has become one of the most played games in history and there are still millions of fans. Obviously, some casinos have not missed the opportunity and have reproposed it in both free and money versions.

Even though it is a card game, in casinos that have it, it falls under the category of card games. Although there are many types of card games, the aim is to run out of cards in the deck and reorder them without a single card remaining in the deck. It requires a lot of skill, patience and intelligence, which is why it is in the skill games. 

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