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How to win at slot machines

Also called slot machines, lever machines or roller machines, casino machines have always been a source of hope for many people who are waiting for their lucky break. Moreover, for many people, slot machines are a source of fun where luck will strike at the least expected moment and will translate into a few extra coins to go out to eat or buy yourself something silly when you leave the casino.

Because no one has become a millionaire with these slots, but at least a figure of 3 zeros can make your day playing these little machines.

For example, you played $200 coins and won $1,100.00 in fifteen minutes, that sounds like a good deal, extra money to go do anything. And that’s how it happened to me last Friday, when I tested my theory of how to win at the casino machines.

A simple theory, based on common sense and observation, a theory that sounds so logical that my brother wants to claim credit for it, but no sir, that idea was mine, pure observation from when I spent two hours watching my granny play in a hotel casino when we went on holiday.

My theory is not based on luck, but rather on probability and mathematics; although it should also be remembered that casinos never lose, that is their motto “the house always wins”, so underestimating the luck factor can be a serious mistake. However, many people have made a career out of going to casinos to win; in fact, in my article on How to win at casino machines, I came across a lot of information and videos of users who have found luck in the probability of beating the house.

And it is very, very easy to do it, although of course, you have to remember the limits of the bets; because finally they are bets in the world of chance, I understand that your limit is $1,000 or $5,000 or $10,000, depending on your economy, you will know when you have to stop without losing. Because the house always wins.

Now, when you want to win and you go on the internet to learn the secrets of how to win at casino machines, places like WikiHow or YouTube tell you generic tips like:

  • Manage your time
  • Use machines that you can put coins in.
  • Check the machines and look for the ones that have not been winning.
  • Don’t use your credit card
  • Set a spending limit
  • Choose machines with small winnings.
  • Choose the machines that give the most bonuses.

The list of tips 

The tips they give are obvious and common sense, so you are left in the same situation without knowing how to win at the casino machines; but I have always thought something that minimizes the luck factor to the maximum.

Don’t you believe me, you only have to go 4 hours with your granny to the casino and watch her play, to find out what is the best way to win; and the way to win is to play the way the rich play.

You have heard the saying that money calls money, a principle that is very logical and the rich can win money, just by having money, without needing to have talent, strategy or ideas. And do you know how they do it, well, at least in the casinos they can afford to bet $5,000 coins in 15 minutes, if they lose it they don’t care, it was entertainment, it was a bluff, but when they bet $5,000 coins, the odds of winning a lot of money are immense. That happens in slot machines.

Normal people, like you and me, who are not rich and have the money counted for entertainment, in an outgoing budget from $400 to $800, when you have the money counted, you want to make it pay, so if you go to the Yak or the Casino Caliente to play, you want those $200 coins to last a long time, so you bet a penny, with a number of rational combinations, so that your shot has a cost of about 20 cents, so you can last a long time playing. That’s valid, but if you want to make money, you’re never going to do it that way.

You have to remember that no matter how much bad luck you have, how much the machines are tricked, if you bet 20 cents by pure probability you will have a lucky shot, one, just one and I have seen it, I have spent many hours watching my grandmother and many other old people have that lucky shot that gives them 50 thousand credits, but if you multiply it by the cent you bet, that translates into 5 coins, do you realize, you wasted your only lucky shot in life betting 1 cent. Remember, when you do that you win nothing, or what you do win is so ridiculous, that you just grumble about your lousy luck in life.

This doesn’t just happen in slot machines, that’s life, the less you bet out of fear or because you have the idea that by betting a little you will last a long time, when you do that, you give up your one lucky break. Remember, the more you bet, the more you can win.

That’s my theory, the machine you are playing on is going to give you a single prize, whether you bet one cent or 8 coins. Of course, you also have to have a limit and not because you are waiting for that one lucky break you end up pawning the house.

Theory is simple

To win you have to base yourself on logic, that is to say, if you like the casino and you go every week, you must analyze how much you end up paying in a visit, REAL, without making mental jackets or lying to others, nooooo, you are talking to yourself, and you must tell yourself honestly, how much you bet in a visit, and normally that number is about $800 coins, because you bet $200 coins every time and when you least realize it, $800.00 goes.

Well, I propose that instead of betting $200 coins, several times, you put that $800 coins in one go and play as many credits with the maximum number of possible combinations.

Maybe luck doesn’t smile on you that day and you lose $800 coins in 20 minutes, but if luck didn’t smile on you that day, that same $800 coins would have been spent in 6 hours. The only difference is the time and the excitement of the bet.

Truly, it is more exciting to lose 10 coins in each throw, than 10 cents, so if you go for the adrenaline and excitement, it is better to do it big for 20 minutes, than 5 hours of suffering in which you win nothing and you only see how you lose the money.

If you win, which you will, you will win a big prize, and you will hit the jackpot

That’s what happened to me last Friday when in a casino, they gave me a credit to play $200 coins, I had spent 40 minutes playing my 200 coins, with low bets, to win money or at least keep that $200, what I didn’t know is that a casino will never give you the credit they gave you, that is, if I wanted to collect something, I had to win more than the initial $200 coins they had given me, so I went back to my machine and just when I got the extra 50 coins, I went to change my money; but something made me go back, I don’t even remember why, and I sat down at another machine to lose as fast as possible those $250. 00 coins, I was not going to waste them, nor let them expire, so I was going to spend them but in style, with the maximum bets, with the maximum number of combinations. So I just pressed the button, I didn’t even wait for the credits to add up when I won, I was just a money-losing machine, press, press, press, press, press, let’s go, I want to go.

A machine that charged me 8 coins per shot, when the staff of the place saw me playing like that, he asked me if I was sure I wanted to play like that, in maximum bet, the maximum that one could bet in that machine, I answered yes, he tried to persuade me, but I already wanted to lose and to be able to go home; But just when I had $17 coins left, exact money for a shot at the maximum bet level, at that moment luck smiled at me and I entered a bonus, which gave me 28 thousand credits, in a single spin; while the machine was making a lot of noise and everyone was waiting to see that I had won a lot of money, the machine went from 7 coins to $1,350. 00 in a second.

If I had played it safe, with a low credit, with a low level of combinations, what I would have won would have been about $20 coins.

The moral in casinos is that if you want to win, you have to bet seriously, but don’t go over your limit or your ability, because you can lose your head in the process.

If you want to know how to win at casino machines, it’s easy:

  • Choose machines with low winnings and that give a lot of bonuses.
  • Set a real limit on how much you can spend at that place and bet them in 20 minutes.
  • Always make the biggest bet possible with your available credit.
  • When you win, walk away.

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