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Add excitement with the basketball handicap betting odds

In the world of sports betting, any game can be exciting. Among other strategies, the handicap in basketball betting can make you vibrate on occasions like this.

The game in question ended 75-92. Can you imagine watching it with your friends? Surely, they would have lost all interest in the game, but you, having placed bets with a basketball handicap -15, would be vibrating with the last baskets. Besides, why deny it, you will have the option to aim for a much higher odds: NBA or ACB handicap betting? Choose your favourite!

What is the handicap in basketball betting?

The explanation of basketball handicap betting is very simple. It consists of entering a fictitious score in a certain match, so that, when calculating the final result of the match, it must be taken into account. For example, in Breogán vs Barcelona, a handicap of -15.5 for the Blue and Whites would consist of subtracting that sum from the score. The game would have been 0 to -15.5 at the start and would have ended 75 to 76.5, so that Barça would have won including the handicap.

The function would have been the same as assigning a handicap in basketball betting of +15 for Breogán. However, if we had sinned of optimism by assigning -2′ instead of -15, we would have lost 75-72 the bet. In this variable, the function of the decimals is none other than to eliminate the tie option, which does not exist in professional basketball.

When to bet and when not to bet on basketball handicaps

First of all, logic. A handicap in basketball betting makes sense in a very one-sided game, but there are not always such games. In a situation of first vs. last, with a large point difference, it makes all the sense in the world to bet with a handicap, but not so in a first vs. second. Even more so if the difference in points for and against is minimal, as can happen. Don’t abuse these plays.

On the other hand, take into account more statistics, not only the general level of the teams. Maybe the favourite team has an important player injured, historically has problems against the weaker club, the smaller club has a big motivation (relegation threat, for example) and the bigger team is playing with substitutes. There are many factors to take into account!

Take a good look at the odds beforehand. You should rely on your own data and statistics, but if you see a big return, get upset and give it a couple of spins… Maybe you’re missing something!

Finally, keep in mind that with handicap betting on basketball you will win, but not always. Take it positively, because a setback is one more way to success, you have to look at your results in the long term. 

Other basketball betting

Without a doubt, handicap basketball betting is a great option to add excitement when betting on a winner is not the most profitable option, but there are many more options. Here are some examples:

  • Bets on total points (over or under).
  • Odd or even points.
  • Will go to extra time.
  • Winning quarter/half (Obviously, you can bet on a winner with handicap for each quarter or half).

Basketball betting on handicap, no handicap, or any other sport should be fun for you, which is why we recommend you to always play with your head and responsibility.

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